I always feel lucky to live in Norwich, there’s so many little hidden treasures that even after 6 years of living here I’m still stumbling upon new places to visit. The Urban Jungle is one of them. The Jungle is an outdoor nursery full of exotic plants & trees. There’s a cute ‘Urban Cafe’ where you can sit amongst the greenery, and my personal favourite – The Cactus garden. I’m… View Post

If you follow me on my personal Instagram account then you may have noticed I’ve spent the last few days celebrating my 24th in Rome! Italy is one of my favourite European destinations: the delicious food, the beautiful buildings & of course, the home of the greatest fashion houses in the world. I wanted to share a little diary of what we got up to, our recommendations and somewhere to… View Post

My sister and I joined forces this weekend for a day of nails, the most delicious brunch & a whole lot of shopping!! You’d never catch me without my acrylic nails, it might sound silly but they make a big difference in how attractive, feminine & confident I feel. It’s a little bit of ‘me’ time every couple of weeks & I feel really naked without them! If your as obsessed… View Post

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