10 year challenge – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly from 2008 Runway

2008 Runway

Jumping on the 10 year challenge today, but making it Fashion. Im not going to horrify you with evidence of my own throw backs… 2008 would of been a year firmly attached to my black skinny jeans, studded belts, flannel shirts layered over a DIY band tee. (When not in my school uniform)!

Instead, I thought it’d be fun to take a look back through some runway archives (thanks to the Vogue Runway App) and see what (if any)! collections have stood the test of time.


2008, Creative Director: Paulo Melim Andersson

32 Looks

I’m not a fan of 2008 Chloe. In their defence floaty & feminine isn’t something I would be drawn to anyway, but I also can’t imagine these looks in the lens of any street style photographers in 2019. Considering how defined Chloes aesthetic as a brand now shows what a difference 10 years (and a new C.D) makes!

2018, Creative Director: Natacha Ramsay-Levi

68 looks

Over double the amount of looks in 2018, and way over double on the scale of inspiring looks. Still a feminine brand, however much more innovative. Whilst ‘08 Chloe was pretty forgettable, ‘18 Chloe is distinctive, desirable & memorable.

I cant go without saying the Chloe show in ‘08 didnt send out a single model of colour.. ten years on and thank god we’re finally seeing a more diverse mix of race.

Saint Laurent

2008, Creative Director: Stefani Pilati

Saint Laurent appeals to me in that it’s edgy & classic, sexy yet sophisticated, feminine with an alternative edge. The bold make up looks, the monochrome tones, the sleekness of the whole show. These outfits are all completely wearable in 2018 (I particularly love the 3rd & 4th looks). Bravo YSL!

2018, Creative Director: Anthony Vaccarello

96 looks

Saint Laurent took a few layers off in ‘18. These looks are what I’d like to think I could wear, but absolutely could not! I feel S.L only appeals to an extra slim, extra risqué audience these days, and whilst I still appreciate the rock & roll vibes, these looks are not transferable to the real world!


2008, Creative Director: Nicholas Ghesquiere

35 looks

Very different to the streetwear inspired Balenciaga we know today. Under Nicholas Ghesquieres direction the label was modern, structured & forward-thinking. Im enjoying the full looks here, from make-up & hair to the crystals & latex. Seeing what a Balenciaga show looked like ten years ago, to now, is quite surprising.

2018, Creative Director: Demna Gvasalia

74 looks

The contrast between Balenciaga ten years on is definitely the biggest I’ve come across. From sophistication to full on attention seeking. 2018 was the year of oversized & over-layered. The bigger and more-outrageous, the better! The brand are pushing boundaries & grabbing headlines… Much to the contrast of 2008.

Social media has certainly played a big part in changing the brand these last few years… the ugly chunky trainer trend went viral, and the Balenciaga logo now printed on everything. Not sure I’d be wearing any of the above (especially not that velvet glove turtle neck)?!, but I can appreciate the design & creativity non the less!


2008, Creative Director: Frida Giannini

50 looks

I might have to take the above back. Maybe Gucci is the biggest ten year transformation I’ve seen on the runway! Gucci now – I WANT IT ALL. Gucci then – 😩😵😳 I don’t think I even need to share my thoughts on ‘08 Gucci…..

Praise the lord for Alessandro Michele.

2018, Creative Director: Alessandro Michele

114 looks

Gucci is now a fairytale, telling stories through its pieces & ft. the most intricate designs. Gucci is my favourite luxury fashion house due to their wild imagination brought to life with dark undertones. It’s no longer designed for the women it was in ‘08,  Gucci now reach out to the individual & expressive.

Who knows what the next 10 years will bring down our runways. Will there even be a runway?

I noted the amount of looks in each show to highlight the growing pressure on designers to churn out more more more. Is this pace sustainable?

Whilst browsing archives I also noticed in ‘08 the use of real fur down the runway, something that is almost completely removed from fashion shows today.

Fashion month starts in New York on the 8th Feb.

See you in 2028!

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