Black, White & Red All Over

FT Mango Skirt | Gucci Belt | Topshop Boots (similar here) | H&M top (Similar here)

Whats black, white and red all over? Me this Autumn/Winter – that’s what! Dad jokes aside, a splash of red over my otherwise monochrome life is exactly what i’m drawn towards right now. Wether it’s in the make up, a stand out pair of shoes, a belt or this gorgeous zig zagged midi skirt from Mango – it’s the perfect amount of colour to add some life to my look.

The perfect length, a flattering silhouette, affordable and transitional.
I’m definitely in the market for more midi-skirts like this, this season!

I have to apologise for these poor quality iPhone mirror photos in my messy dressing room! They really don’t do this beautiful skirt justice at all!
Whilst we’re apologising, I also haven’t been giving the blog much of my time these last few weeks!

Having a full time job, a new home and then finding the time to get someone to take photo’s in a decent location is harder than it seems! First world problems and all that…

So here’s the deal. 3 posts per week. Shop my wishlist and Moodboard pages updated DAILY.
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That’s written on the internet now so I can’t erase it!
Please hold me to this and also, feedback would be brill! It’s very daunting putting your words and images out there and having no idea who you little people are reading this! I logged in today with over 85 SPAM comments from guitar tutors.. god knows where that comes from?!

Back to the actual reason people read this though – the clothes! I’ve been looking for a pair of ‘cowboy’ boots for ages now, but am not quite ready to commit to the Saint Laurent price tag!
This leather Topshop pair were just what I had in mind – wearable for every day, with a skirt or with jeans. They’ve been super comfy from the get-go, i’ve even been sneaking them into my ‘work-wear’ wardrobe. I like that the embroidered detailing isn’t too much, and feel that now I know i’m totally in love with them, I can start saving for a more luxury pair that I now know I will wear to death.. (I specifically have these and these in mind).. but we shall see!

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