Milan Fashion Week Men’s Review

Boyfriend reviews MFW A/W

Men’s Fashion month is in full swing, & as my boyfriend also shares an interest in clothes he has kindly volunteered to add his opinion below each look. I could of picked the most outrageous/unwearable.. but ive actually selected looks I genuinely think he might like. He’s a big fan of tartan, tailoring & outawear so he’s in for a treat this Autumn/Winter!

Ralph Lauren 

Me – Starting off with Ralph Lauren – one of your favourite brands. Smart but oh so cool, this aviator jacket is something I would 100% wear myself. Practical and completely wearable, you would look great in this.

Tom – I love this outfit as a start, the flannel trousers and smart black boots are a good base to build from, the flecked jumper is a nice touch under a jacket that stands out amongst the simplicity of the rest of the outfit, personally the silk cravat and only for show belt are a bit over the top


Me – woahh CEO! I’ve possibly picked the tamest look from the Versace runway show, but one I’m very much into! These boots are A-mazing! You’d definitely need to be confident to mix these into your officewear! Ankle up I think you’ll approve, this is tailored luxury at its best.

Tom – Very nice combo between the suit, statement tie and striped shirt. I like the details on the lining of the jacket.

The boots look completely out of place and would look more at home paired with pvc combat trousers and a mesh long sleeve shirt.

Palm Angels

Me – Balaclava aside, I’m instantly drawn to tartan. These studded Loafers are the kind of things I dream about. I think you could take this into the real world if you wore them separately. I know these shoes won’t be your thing but what about the yellow joggers with a black hoodie & black vans? I’m excited to see Palm Angels women’s collection now.

Tom – Too loud for me, looks like they went out of their way to make this outfit look bad, the track top I think could be wearable but the line is drawn there.


Me – I warned you about the tartan! Please buy these trousers! I wouldn’t of thought to mix burgundy red with blues/greens but now I know that it works. I think this is another outfit that you could step straight out in and look effortlessly stylish without being too ‘fashion’? 

Tom – I really like the pieces in this one , the boots and jacket I feel I could easily wear. Not sure about the pastel technical layer under the jacket which makes the outfit a bit busy for me. Maybe a plain white tshirt would have done.


Me – This is obviously slightly outrageous, but it made me laugh after seeing the doctored photo of Hector Bellerin you showed me recently! I like it when Fashion gets playful, but also where are people wearing this?!

Tom – This looks like somebody dressed a character this way on the Sims 3 as a joke

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