Eyelet dress in Ireland

FT Gucci Princetown loafers | ASOS dress

This outfit post is shared from Phoenix Park, Dublin, taken last weekend. We were blessed with such gorgeous weather for our little weekend trip that it was the perfect time to try my first ever… (don’t ask my why)! Maxi-dress.

This eyelet detailed dress is from ASOS’ own brand and I’d had it sitting in my ‘saved items’ for a good few weeks before deciding to go for it.

I think I’d been convinced for a while that maxi-dresses wouldn’t suit me, I’m tall yes, but my waist to hip ratio can sometimes cause me issues! I’m also a flats or trainers kinda girl. I have balancing issues & just am an all round clumsy idiot. Do flats look good with long dresses?

Answer – yes. They look great, especially when they’re Gucci.

I reckon any form of slide, sandal or sneaker would bring a touch of alternative to what can sometimes be quite a ‘dressed up’ form of clothing. I’m already scouting more maxi-dresses for what’s left of the Summer!

The large eyelet detail on this dress is what had caught my eye – they’re an attention grabber for sure, without taking away any of the simplicity and also what the Dublin security officer described as ‘not airport friendly’.


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