Fashion Week Anxiety & Some New Brands To Lust Over

I took a little week off from blogging, after Fashion Week I had a major re-think about why I write a blog and if I think it’s worthwhile. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so very grateful to have gotten to attend LFW, but the whole circus outside the shows and the way some girls behave really put a downer on the whole experience for me.

I started posting here as an outlet for my obsession with clothes & style, but I often get really bogged down with the comparisons, self-doubt and just everything that comes with writing about, and posting pictures of yourself on the internet.

I’m definitely not a centre of attention, all eyes on me kind of girl. I’m not interested in trying to be like anyone else or acting a type of way to get noticed. I simply have a bigger than normal interest in the fashion industry, my style doesn’t conform to the ‘norm’ and I genuinely enjoy spending my evenings writing about beautiful material things and editing & creating photos and widgets.

So yeah, after a week of worse-than-normal anxiety,  I miss posting here and I realise that just because I didn’t quite feel comfortable at LFW doesn’t mean I have to give up on this.

With that being said, I’m here to introduce some new brands into your life this Monday. The best thing about the fashion industry for me is finding a new label and falling completely in love. All items are linked, please share with me any other new brands you think should be on my radar!

Blue Roses

These long sleeves were made for wearing with leathers & jeans. Art meets Goth meets better than a band tee. I’ve got one on order and will be sure to show you how I style this.

Reiki Nen

Silhouttes and details on a shoe that’s instantly recognisable to the brand, this gorgeous footwear label is very high up on my lust list.

Lako Bukia x Natia Khutsishvili

This collection is an absolute dream. Do these spider earrings give anyone else serious Riverdale Cheryl vibes (a.k.a need immediately).

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