How to get invited to shows at London Fashion Week

Guide for requesting tickets for Fashion Week shows.

You’re probably wondering how I’ve managed to get show invites at London Fashion Week the last 3 seasons, and the truth is it isn’t actually that difficult!

I thought it’d be good to share with you guys how I apply for shows should you be interested in attending fashion month in the future!

First up: Register as a BFC accredited blogger/press here:

The official guidelines does state that you need 35k+ IG followers and post fashion related content. They also state that they look for evidence of regular blog content showing a clear interest in British designers.

(I don’t have anywhere near this many followers though, so don’t let this put you off)!!

I then await the Fashion Week Schedule – keep up-to date here:

LFW falls every February & September – start to look up the schedule at-least a month in advance!

The schedule details always include date/time, details about the brand and a press email address. For the shows i’m interested in I will send the brand a direct email, something similar to:

Good Morning/Afternoon,

I hope you’re well!
I’m writing to you to request tickets for the XXX show this London Fashion Week. I love XXX brand due to XYZ. I run, a personal style diary ft. all that influences me within the fashion industry. Please see my press kit attached.
AW18 LFW Articles written by me:
I look forward to hearing from you!
Kind regards,


A press kit is a quick way to highlight you’re statistics and tell a story of what you’re all about. A simple google search will give you loads of ideas of what to include here – FOHR is a great website for connecting brands with influencers, and when signing up create a press kit for you for free. I feel it’s a good way for your invite to stand out amongst the 1,000 over bloggers who will be doing the same thing!


And then you wait..
If you don’t get yes’ first time – it doesn’t matter! There’s two seasons a year so you have plenty of opportunities to try again!
Be realistic – you’re not going to get into the Burberry show unless invited – show some support to new British designers, do some networking and make the most of being there.. the rest will come!
Feel free to share any other tips in the comments below!
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