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At risk of sounding very MySpace/2009, I thought I’d finish off my first full week of daily blogging with a little ‘get to know me’.

1. My 9-5 for the last 3/4 years has been in IT (*nerd). I never went to Uni or college (let’s not count that 2 short months), and have actually had around 10 very different jobs in that time!

2. I’m a natural blonde (faux goth)! I don’t think I’ll ever go back..

3. I am (or was)! a grade 7 ballerina when I was 15.

4. My obsession with clothes, style/fashion only really started in the last 2/3 years. Prior to this I was very much a ‘skinny jeans only, one pair of vans, not about that materialistic life’ kinda girl. How things change…

5. My 3 absolute favourite movies are A little Princess, Requiem for a dream and La la land.

6. I once quit my whole life to move to Germany to be an au pair.. this lasted around 10 days!

7. I have hyper-mobility syndrome, which means I’m v. Disjointed/flexible and can dislocate some body parts on demand (not recommended).

8. I have a large amount of tattoos, one of which is ironically a cover up that Im now looking to get lasered off then re-tattooed over.. *carefully pick your artists!

9. Me and my boyfriend have been lucky enough to make memories in over 15 places together (so far)! From Sydney, to Rome to La & Mexico. Find yourself an adventure buddy and don’t let them go.

10. Aside from fashion, my attention is mainly focused on my beloved pup Hector. He’s so affectionate and those big brown eyes get away with murder. I love him unconditionally!

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