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Logo/slogan t-shirts are everywhere, and are such an easy, effortless way to add a statement. They go great with everything: with denim, skirts, slip dresses.. dressed up, dressed down… you get the idea. And typically you can get a logo tee for a reasonable price. It’s a no-brainier!

But with so much choice, where should you shop?

Starting up with Ganni.

Ganni tees are all over my instagram feed, every single day. It started off with a series of colour & fruit slogans:

& has since moved on to lyrics, bold statements & fun food images:

Loved by all the top social influencers including @Negin_Mirsalehi, @LeandraMcohen (ManRepeller), @peaceloveshea, @happilygrey & @lizzyvdligt

I’ve collected these two so far & I get so much wear out of them! I refresh the Ganni homepage basically everyday to see what comes next. Most shirts have sold out pretty quickly and are priced around £45!

Next up is the brand T-shirt.

I think you have to be a big fan of the label to be bold enough to basically be a walking billboard. I’ve picked up a few label t-shirts over the years. Again it’s an easy way to add a statement to your outfit & if the brand have a logo, font or image you really love then again, it’s an effortless way to complete your outfit.

I picked up this Opening Ceremony t-shirt in LA last year so it holds extra special value to me. I love the front leather panel & the mirrored logo on the back.

@ChiaraFerragni is a big fan of a brand Tee.

I managed to prize away one of my boyfriends Supreme box logo tees to include in this post. Seemingly like goldust, as soon as you get that 11am email on a Thursday for the Supreme Shop update it’s like a minute of panic before you try to pay and realise it’s already sold out.

The Band Tee.

I haven’t pictured any of my own here, for lack of wanting to sort through & iron them all.. if we’re being honest!! Who-ever your favourite bands are, be it your local hardcore bar band, Metallica, Type O, Drake, Beyoncé…

wearing a band shirt is another way to express your personality via your style. I would only buy band t-shirts from bands-artists I genuinely love, don’t buy into the H&M Iron Maiden/fake band pieces!!!

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