An Update

That promise of daily posting is going well, isn’t it…

I’ve had this tab open for a good while now, but the longer I didn’t post the more daunting it became.

God knows why – I’m sure all two of my readers aren’t missing me too much (Hi Mum), but I look through my posts and my feed and over analyze everything so much I end up hating it all.

I’ve had a few health problems this year which have really slowed me down, I feel tired and uninspired. I’ve gained weight – looking through photos of yourself when you’re uncomfortable in your own skin is really not an ideal situation to be in – I have been avoiding it as much as possible! By no means do I think you need to look a certain way to look good in clothes, but confidence and being happy with how I look certainly play a big part in the photo’s I choose to share. I haven’t really been purchasing new items due to this reason also, again – not an ideal situation for new content.

This is an issue that I don’t think i’ve ever read about with other bloggers, but an issue I talk to my real life friends (real life women) about ALL the time. Let’s not get into the false realities issue right now though…

No pity party needed, I’m working on myself and have the right help and frame of mind back to motivate myself to be the best (happiest) version of me I can be. Until then, please bare with me whilst I don’t update my site daily, and for some reading in the meantime I wanted to share some of my favourite blogs I’ve read this week:

Everything Audrey writes –






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